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  About Dryblast: pelleted dry ice blasting 
Cold Jet High-velocity projection system 
Service area: 
Maryland, Baltimore, East Coast; dispatched across the country
located in Maryland, Baltimore, East Coast dry ice blasting

Dryblast, a Maryland Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Company, was founded in 2005 in an effort to fill the gap in quality, technologically advanced cleaning and restoration services available in the Mid-Atlantic.  Dryblast takes a hands-on approach to your facility and equipment service needs, using the lastest dry ice blast cleaning methods.

 Dryblast uses the Cold Jet High-velocity projection system for all your industrial cleaning needs. The pelleted dry ice we use is the standard elliptical mini-pellet. These are mass produced in a number of CO2 product plants located across the country. We can guarantee timely delivery of any quantity of ice pellets required to meet your particular cleaning needs.

Dryblast employees can be dispatched across the country and equipment and pellets freighted to arrive at your facility on short notice.

Step up to the best. Dryblast. We beat the others cold.


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